The Art of Street Photography

Discover The Art of Street Photography with Magnum photographers

Seven world-class photographers - Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Richard Kalvar, Carolyn Drake, Peter van Agtmael and Mark Power - plus industry leaders, provide their unique insights, knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of honing your photography skills through a curriculum of ten engaging, in-depth, on-demand video lessons.

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10 Lessons

Enjoy a curriculum of ten themed video lessons featuring in-depth interviews, photographer case studies and on-location demonstrations.

10 Instructors

Seven Magnum photographers and three industry experts offer their honest advice and guidance.

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Meet the Photographers

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden has pounded the streets of his native New York and beyond since the 1960s, looking for the “characters” that feature in his typically close-up photographs.

Martin Parr

Throughout his career, British photographer Martin Parr has studied the idiosyncrasies of people across the whole spectrum of society, exploring cultural mores, traditions, and leisure pursuits.

Susan Meiselas

From the traveling girl shows of 1970s America to the frontline of civil war in Nicaragua, to her own street, American photographer Susan Meiselas takes a collaborative approach to making work.

Richard Kalvar

Richard Kalvar describes his approach to photography as “more like poetry than photojournalism – it attacks on the emotional level, although poetry works through sound and photography through seeing.”

Carolyn Drake

American photographer Carolyn Drake is known for her lyrical and collaborative approach to documentary photography.

Peter van Agtmael

American photographer Peter van Agtmael’s practice is mainly dedicated to documenting issues pertaining to social justice in America, from the war in Iraq to issues closer to home.

Mark Power

British photographer Mark Power keeps what he describes as "a physical and metaphorical distance” between himself and the subject.

What you’ll learn

Find the right mindset

Learn what key mental attributes are required to improve your work as a photographer and gain traction in the industry.

Frame the unexpected

Discover the importance of the frame in street photography. Learn what it takes to get into the right place at the right time to capture the unexpected.

Photographing people

Learn different approaches to photographing people on the street, from candid to street portraiture, and gain confidence in photographing strangers.

Develop your photographic voice

Gain invaluable advice and insight on how to develop your voice as a photographer through the making and editing of your work.

Master the editing process

Delve into the different approaches to editing your work. Create meaning through editing and sequencing.

Learn from photographers in the field

See your tutors in action as they photograph in a variety of locations, from Bruce Gilden on the streets of New York to Martin Parr at a county fair

Learn from world-class photographers in the first online course from Magnum Photos, The Art of Street Photography.

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Lesson Plan



Discover the topics covered in each lesson of The Art of Street Photography.


The Street and ‘The Decisive Moment’

What is street photography and how do we define it? Here we explore the difficulties of this question and provide insights into what street photography means. This lesson also explores Magnum Photos co-founder Henri Cartier-Bresson’s influence on the genre and unpacks the famous notion of ‘The Decisive Moment’.


Hitting the Street

This lesson provides a short introduction into a variety of issues and practical aspects surrounding street photography. We also provide advice on how to approach the street, gear and preparation, and the mindset you need to be successful.


In Focus: Bruce Gilden

An iconic street photographer with a unique style, Bruce Gilden has been prolific since he began his journey with the medium in 1967. With a reputation for his approach to photographing people – up-close and personal with a flash in hand – and with over 45 years dedicated to working on the street, there are few photographers in a better position to discuss street photography.


Framing the Unexpected

The frame – this tiny rectangle or square, as described by Peter van Agtmael – is key in photography. What is included or excluded and how you position yourself and your subject within this limited space can drastically alter how successful, or otherwise, a photograph is. During this lesson we discuss the importance of the frame, the decision-making process and how patience plays a part in creating strong photographs.


In Focus: Martin Parr

Martin Parr has established a legendary reputation as a chronicler of our age. In the face of the growing flood of images released by the media, his photographs offer us the opportunity to see the world from his distinct perspective. In this lesson, we are given unique access and insight into his working methods through behind-the-scenes access to him working on assignment and his editing process.


Photographing People

People are one of the most dynamic subjects to photograph, but also present many challenges. During this lesson, Magnum photographers share practical advice and insights into how to photograph people. Learn how to go unnoticed when creating traditional candid street photography and how to approach strangers when creating street portraiture, plus discover how interactions with strangers can lead to collaborations that go beyond the street.


In Focus: Peter van Agtmael

Peter van Agtmael is a photographer who works across a variety of photographic genres – including conflict, documentary, portraiture and street photography – to explore broad themes and societal issues. We follow van Agtmael as he creates new work in Coney Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York, and reflects on his experiences.


Alternative Approaches: Mark Power

Discover an alternative approach to the street with Mark Power. A photographer who has utilized a multitude of formats throughout his career, from the fast and mobile 35mm camera to the slow, bulky large-format view camera, Power’s present-day approach to the street is a contrast to the traditional street photographer.


Editing: Creating Order out of Chaos

Editing is one of the most important steps in photographic practice. Magnum photographers provide insight into their individual editing processes. They speak candidly about their ‘hit-rate’ when it comes to making successful images, the importance of critical distance, and discuss how editing can be used to create meaning.


Presenting Your Photography

In this final episode we receive practical advice and guidance on building a body of work or portfolio, some of the possible outputs for photographic work, and how to define an artistic voice.

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