The Art of Street Photography

The first online course from the world’s most prestigious photographic agency

The Art of Street Photography brings together seven Magnum photographers plus leading industry experts to share their unique insights, vast knowledge and world-class experience to help you develop your photographic practice in the street and beyond.

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Ten exclusive lessons Explore street photography through a curriculum of ten lessons covering a range of topics and approaches
Seven Magnum photographers Extensive interviews including creative process, tips and career advice from seven world-class Magnum photographers
Access to industry experts Photography-world figureheads provide invaluable insight into the workings of the industry today
Practical assignments Put advice into practice through a variety of assignments set by Magnum photographers and staff
Expand your learning Each lesson is supported by expanded content and bonus material in ten accompanying workbooks
Lifetime access Learn at your own pace with ten on-demand video lessons accessible online at anytime

Learn from seven world-class photographers through insightful interviews and on-location demonstrations.

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Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden has pounded the streets of his native New York and beyond since the 1960s, looking for the “characters” that feature in his typically close-up photographs.

Martin Parr

Throughout his career, British photographer Martin Parr has studied the idiosyncrasies of people across the whole spectrum of society, exploring cultural mores, traditions, and leisure pursuits.

Susan Meiselas

From the traveling girl shows of 1970s America to the frontline of civil war in Nicaragua, to her own street, American photographer Susan Meiselas takes a collaborative approach to making work.

Richard Kalvar

Richard Kalvar describes his approach to photography as “more like poetry than photojournalism – it attacks on the emotional level, although poetry works through sound and photography through seeing.”

Carolyn Drake

American photographer Carolyn Drake is known for her lyrical and collaborative approach to documentary photography.

Peter van Agtmael

American photographer Peter van Agtmael’s practice is mainly dedicated to documenting issues pertaining to social justice in America, from the war in Iraq to issues closer to home.

Mark Power

British photographer Mark Power keeps what he describes as "a physical and metaphorical distance” between himself and the subject.

To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It's a way of life.


The Art of Street Photography

Through a curriculum of ten engaging, in-depth video lessons, learn the mindset required to be a successful street photographer, understand framing, how to photograph people, discover alternative approaches, and how to create meaning through editing and sequencing.

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